A Return from Food Hell

The good news: I’m done with finals!
The not-so-good news: I am positively certain it is impossible to be raw vegan during finals week.

This past finals week has been the most stressful I’ve ever experienced in my 3 years of college. My boyfriend and I have been living off of cafe food and fast food for over a week now because we’ve been living at the library and only using our apartment as a place to sleep.

Let me tell you, being raw vegan for almost 2 months and then going back to fast food (even if it is vegan) is hell for your body. At least it was for mine. I would eat, and feel hungry again all of 2 minutes later. I never felt satiated and I was constantly bloated. My body’s been producing the most noxious gas I’ve ever smelled. It seems my intestines are in the midst of a revolt.

Thank god finals week is over now! I can finally go back to cooking super healthy, raw vegan food. I can also start exercising again. I’m excited because I know I’ll no longer have to feel horrible. I may have to go through the detox/adjustment process all over again, but it’ll be worth it just to feel amazing.

Tonight’s and tomorrow’s project is to clean house. Aside from not having enough time to cook during finals week, our kitchen has also been so dirty, that even if I had time to cook, I didn’t want to. I’m thinking we’ll be eating a lot of raw salads this upcoming week just to help jump start our recovery from this horrible fast food. This past week has convinced of the validity of raw veganism’s health claims. As far as I’m aware, I’ve remained completely vegan throughout finals week, and yet, as soon as I started to eat large quantities of cooked food, my entire digestive system just slowed to stand still. This “experiment” if you want to call it that, has been enough to sediment my desire to continue on this diet for the rest of my life. I am considering adding a B12 supplement to my diet however, because it’s the one supplement basically everyone recommends for vegans, and no, I do not believe it is possible for one to get enough B12 on a raw vegan diet without a supplement.

So now that school is over and I’m basically on summer break, expect a lot more regular posting from me! You may even see some recipes appearing in the near future, now that I have time to play around and experiment. Also, if you’re interested in seeing what I eat on a daily basis as a part of this new diet of mine, you should check me out on Instagram because I upload pictures more reliably there than I post here. The link for my Instagram is on the “contact” page. Thanks for reading! Have you guys ever experienced a similar change when you’ve switched between two diet extremes?